A visual identity of Synagóga Bytča is an assurance of my support for saving the forgotten, but still charming building in our town.

A graphic mark of Synagóga Bytča is formed by a picture mark and a text mark.

The picture mark represents stylized 12 tip sun, which is a dominant decorative element of the main portal of synagogue's construction.

In addition to the visual connection with the construction, this element is also a symbol of an atypical position of the Jewish temple, it is a symbol of the South. Sanctuary of the synagogue is not oriented to the east, to Jerusalem, but unusually to the south side of the world.

The stylized sun is also a symbol of prosperity, wealth and growth. In the past, the synagogue was a sign of a rich social and cultural life in Bytča.

That's why the civic association wants to save our synagogue, reconstruct it, make it grow, so through this iconic building a rich social life can be developed in Bytča.

Finished and already implemented design of website Synagogue Bytča is a part of defined visual style: